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"This site is dedicated to showcasing our love for MASSIVE COCKS. We are a group of girls who come together for our love of oversized shafts. As you can see we are not embarassed to say all we want think about is sucking and riding the biggest cocks around. If you think you have a big enough man pole to meet one of us and be featured on this site, email us"

Check out the Mega Cock daily gallery!

Dangerous has a sense of humor and it lists the dick size of the last man these chicks were with! It's fucking awesome if you like that sort of thing (I know I do). At least check out their free videos.

Click here for Dangerous's free daily gallery!

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'Holier Than Thou'

The Washburn University Statue "Holier Than Thou" ignited controversy in Kansas when some Catholics claimed it was anti-Catholic and resembled a penis.

A sign underneath, written by artist Jerry Boyle reads, "I remember being 7 and going into the dark confessional booth for the first time. I knelt down, and my face was only inches from the thin screen that separated me and the one who had the power to condemn me for my evil ways. I was scared to death, for on the other side of that screen was the persona you see before you." Boyle says he did not intend to offend or to craft a penis.

Free Pics of Big Dicks (and some not so big)

The sites here are all straightforward. You clicks and you sees pics.

Movies! This is a listing of video clips I like (with penises in them).

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