2004 US Presidential Election Analysis

Originally posted November 14, 2004, 3:24 p.m.

Let's see how the Presidential Penis Size Poll came out.
The Penis Size Links List Presidential Poll Results
Ralph Nader34%
George Bush33%
John Kerry33%

I think that Nader's supporters got a little overzelous in hitting my site. Maybe the Green Party is overly represented at the PSLL? Regardless, Nader does have to have a huge cock to keep running for president like he does. But, looking at the numbers, it's safe to say that all three men must have comparably sized members, which is why the election was so close.

Here were the actual popular vote tallies:
Actual Results
George Bush51%
John Kerry48%
Ralph Nader1%

If we take Nader's skew out of the PSLL poll we end up with an exactly 50/50 split. So, I conclude that you should always run the candidate with the larger penis. Otherwise, people will have a tough time knowing who to vote for. Perhaps GW had the biggest member this time around, but only by a hair.