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"This site is dedicated to showcasing our love for MASSIVE COCKS. We are a group of girls who come together for our love of oversized shafts. As you can see we are not embarassed to say all we want think about is sucking and riding the biggest cocks around. If you think you have a big enough man pole to meet one of us and be featured on this site, email us"

Check out the Mega Cock daily gallery!

Dangerous has a sense of humor and it lists the dick size of the last man these chicks were with! It's fucking awesome if you like that sort of thing (I know I do). At least check out their free videos.

Click here for Dangerous's free daily gallery!

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March 28, 2011

I have a couple of new links that you are sure to like. If you haven't yet visited these pages, you are missing out.

The first couple are from If you've ever been to the site, you know how fun it can be to read while time quckly passes. They have at least two pages devoted to everyone's favorite subject: Bigger is Always Better in Bed, and Gag penis. What's great about this site is it references any and perhaps all occurances in media for your viewing pleasure.

For those of you who like porn, the best place to look at videos online is PornHub's Big Dick section.


March 4, 2011

Wowee. I can't believe I went on a four-year hiatus. The last time I touched this site was in February of 2007.

I just finished checking all the old links and adding all the new links to the appropriate sections. It took me longer than I expected. Like a couple of weeks. No wonder I stopped blogging four years ago! This site is a lot of work and the money it generates is not significant.

I've also cut some sections out. I'm trying to streamline and I felt like certain things just weren't working. Plus, I like my anonymity.

If you need to email me, the address is the same. I cleaned out that box too. It was full of spam! So, here's the address phallic -no space here- master -at(but you gotta use the symbol, duh!- penissizelinks -dot (yeah, a period)- com. Got that? Good...

Surprisingly, it wasn't all spam. A couple of people sent me real links! I couldn't believe it. Thanks!

Here's an article with a good title: The Largest Penises in Hollywood.

More than one person sent me this link. It's definitely one of the best I've seen. I would explain it, but that would spoil the surprise! I feel like it's Christmas! The Visualizer

Will I update in another four years? Perhaps sooner... we will see.

Last scour for broken links: February 18, 2011

Oh, you lookin' for the archive? There ain't none. All these links either go dead or I put them into the appropriate category minus my commentary. Is what I think all that important anyway?

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